We do also deliver Hangar Houses into the USA as casco building. To finish the building we work with local project developers and construction companies.

The Dutch-Houses building is developed as hangar house but also very suitable for diverse functionalities.

For Aviation usage you could think of:

  • Firebrigade
  • FBO
  • Fueling station
  • Airfield controle tower
  • Restaurant – Motel – Hotel
  • Room/studio’s for holiday rental including hangar space
  • Parachute jumping school
  • Maintenance shop
  • Aircraft cleaning shop
  • Pilot shop with hangar space rental
  • Drone flight school and maintenance or Drone shop
  • Flight school
  • Simulator school
  • Aircraft dealer
  • Museum
  • Home build aircraft manufacture/builder
  • Or other aviation related activities like offices on the first floor with hangar underneath.

The Dutch-Houses – Hangar House is not only designed for Aviation use. We have in mind that this would be a multi purpose building.

You can also use this building for:

  1. Your company and living combined
  2. Your offices above the work floor
  3. Your hobby and living combined
  4. Your boat beneath your living (Marina boat house)
  5. Your horsing house
  6. Or even your truck company. (because you just can drive underneath your home and place at least 5 trucks on a 600m2 (square meters) or 6.500ft2 (square feet)