Twente Airport – EHTW

Twente airport is a former airbase which is currently reformed to give it an other destination.
This airport lies in the silicon valley of the Netherlands close to the German border. This airport attracts innovative new initiatives of global acting companies. The companies are accommodated in old aircraft shelters and there are plans to build new company buildings.

There is also room for Dutch-Houses // Hangar Houses, Because of the enormously space available,
We made a sketch of 23 plots near the runway and General Aviation Terminal.

The average square size per plots would be around 900m2

What if you could settle at Twente Airport in your hangar house. If you have questions you can also use this form in the link below. 

When all the 23 plots are successfully claimed/reserved gives this a positive impression to the local government which is airport owner to take this project more likely into further process to make it all happen. 

Twente Airport Dutch Houses