Siljan Airpark – ESVS information

Siljan Airpark is located in the center of Sweden surrounded by lakes and beautiful forests in a mountainous area. The climate look like land climate. Where you have steady cool winters with snow and frost and steady summers with average temperatures around the 23 degrees Celsius. 

From Siljan airpark you can explore Scandinavia at its finest. At youtube you can find beautiful video’s about Siljan Airpark experience and region. See below some video’s

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hangar house airside

Plot land option & DH hangar house

Plot land option

Initially there where 46 plots mapped in the airpark village plus the aeroclub and the museum plots. During the time 4 newly plot owner have bought 2 plots next to each other and merged them so 46 became 42 as of today. Of the 46 plots 28 are fully built today (73%). Of those 9 are used as the primary living place/full time residency.
Currently for sale;
  • 3 large plots  a 1500m2
  • 1 small plots a 1000m2
The large ground plot options are 1500 -1575 square meters and around 40m x 38m. It is important to note that all plots already have payed for municipal sewerage and water which is drawn to plots border. The cost for that today in Leksand municipality (where Siljan AirPark i situated) is 250 000 SEK (25 000 Euro). Electricity is also prepared but you need to pay the power company a fee of around €2500 to get the electricity turned on. As plot owner you then have a share in the airfield with runway, taxiways, streets, sewerage and rest of the airfield that is all owned together
The annual fee to the hangar houses owners organization is today 700 Euro per year  and will hopefully stay that way or at least not go up much in the foreseen future…



DH Hangar House

Good to know! The plot ground options are bound to rules for building your perfect hangar houses.

Detailplan limitations: Arrangement and design Buildings shall have wall outer surface of wood. Roofing material shall be of a reddish color. Buildings shall be placed a minimum of 4 meters from the edge of the property. Garage doors shall be placed a minimum of 6 meters from the edge of the property. Hangar doors shall be placed so the whole aircraft can be parked outdoors on the property. The maximum total height for property 35 – 40 (Y 1-11) is 5,5 meters, the maximum total height for property 1 – 34 (all other plots) is 7 meters.

Total building area on property: 20 % of the total real estate area.

The advantage of our hangar houses are that you live above your hangar in a penthouse meaning you have maximum m3 building on your ground plot available for your aircraft and living. 

Disturbance avoidance: Air traffic is not allowed night time (22.00 – 06.00) Administrative regulations:The AirPark project must be executed within 10 years from the legal approval date. A building permit is not needed for a parking place. A building permit is not needed for the roof over the outdoor place not exceeding 25 m2. A building permit is needed for lightning mast, flag pole or anything higher than the maximum allowed height.

We have several hangar house version options. 

The options for Siljan airpark: 

  1. DH-Hangar House (Piston) 15×18.4=276m2 penthouse living 170m2
  2. DH-Hangar House (Helicopter) 12×13.8=165.5m2 penthouse living 110m2
  3. DH-Hangar House (Air Balloon) 9×13.8=124.2m2 penthouse living 80m2