Revolutionair jet wind power system

The ground available on airport are scarce and you can plan only one time a destination / functionality for the certain property. So we investigated an alternative to solar panels which take a lot of ground available which can’t be uses for buildings or other destinations.

We found the best solutions for airports to support their energy needs to make the airport energy neutral and future proof.

Innovations which where for us importend te take into account where;

  • No noise pollution
  • No shadow
  • Complementary to solar panels
  • Suitable for urban, rural and industrial environments
  • Suitable for locations with turbulent winds like open terrains with inline building
  • High conversion efficiency
  • Production of energy with calm winds
  • Continues producing energy even at high winds
  • 100% recyclable
  • Sustainable appearance
  • Delivery with corporate house style
  • Developed and produced in the Netherlands (The water and wind country).

As us for more information, we are happy to inform you