Welcome to DH-Systems, the new construction system of the future.

Our product is suitable for residential and commercial buildings.

The advantages of our product is that you can build with the highest RC insulation value of 9.6 and the wall thickness remains small in only 250mm. This is a saving on traditional construction of 15m2 on 100m2 of extra space.

We find fire safety of  great importance. So our panels are certified to fire class A1 (the highest fire resistance class).

You can use our panels for walls, but also as floors and intermediate floors. As an intermediate floor, our panel has a load capacity of 1,000 kg per m2.

Our panels are also standard water resistant and ready on the inside for wallpaper, stucco or the like. The outside (exterior) can also be considered masonry, wood, zinc, composite or the like, so any appearance of the building is possible.

We have a flexible answer to all your wishes and needs in the field of construction.

Who are our customers?

  • Construction companies
  • DIY companies
  • Maintenance companies
  • do-it-yourself builders
  • Project developers

Product summary;

  1. Fire class A1
  2. RC insulation value 9.6
  3. Space saving of 15m2 on 100m2
  4. Thickest panel 250mm
  5. Load capacity 1,000kg per m2 on floor plate
  6. Water resistant
  7. Walls immediately ready to apply the final product such as interior wallpaper and exterior brick slips.

We have a DH-Systems brochure and the building system of the future brochure available on request using the request form below.

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